We deliver i-Nail machine to your Girls Birthday Party.  Simple, Easy and Fun !!!

   Over 1 Million Nails were designed by i-Nail up to date ^^..

 Manicuring Machine Rental
          for Girls Birthday Party




i-Nail video on YouTube
About i-Nail

You place your finger in the machine
and it designs your nail in seconds.
i-Nail is very easy to use. There are
thousands of designs.

The nail designs last up to two weeks.  
You can even swim right after use. You
can remove it instantly using nail polish

i-Nail birthday party is really cute and
fun.  All the girls will have a blast at the
party.  Guaranteed!

i-Nail is designed and developed by
Mint, a Silicon Valley company.  

We have a partnership program
providing the machine for free to
qualified "party business" owners.  
Please send us your business
Customer Testimonials

"iNail: Thanks for a very fun
party last night.  
The girls all thought i-Nail was
very cool."
- Jacque C. , Pleasanton, CA

"My sis rented iNail for my
niece. Girls had a blast"
- Liz Friedman, Los Alto, CA

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