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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is iNail?
iNail is a unique manicuring machine for girls birthday party. The machine is designed by Mint,
one of the most innovative technology companies in Silicon Valley.  We deliver the machine to
your location and pick up the machine after the party.  

Q2. How can we use the machine for girls birthday party?
iNail machine can design nails with various arts in seconds. Girls really like iNail because they can
choose their own nail design and customize it to different color, size and shape as much as they
want. There are thousands of famous cartoon characters as well as other pretty nail designs.  It is
one of the most creative and interactive party themes for girls.

Q3.  What else do I need to prepare other than the machine?
We provide all the material along with the machine.   The only thing you need to prepare is a firm

Q4. Is the nail design a sticker?
No, it is not a sticker. iNail is similar to a regular manicure but iNail can design very fine arts on
your nails because the computer does the nails. We know you don't believe this but it is true :-)
This unique nail design can last up to 2 weeks just like a regular nail polish. You can remove it
instantly using a nail polish remover.

Q5. How long does it take to do 10 nails?
It takes about 10 - 15 minutes to do a whole set of nails using an iNail machine.

Q6. How old do kids need to be for iNail?
We have done thousands of nails for women aged between 6 years old and 60+ years old. Since
iNail is computerized machine, we can change the size to fit to any nail. So there is no limitation in
terms of nail size.

Q7. Can we do outdoor party with iNail?
Yes, iNail party can be held outdoor as long as weather permits.  Also you will need a three prong
power outlet.    

Q8. How soon do we need to make a reservation for iNail party?
At least 2 weeks before the party but the sooner the better.

Q9. How can I reserve the machine?
Simply email at

Q10. How much deposit do you require for reservation?
$50 deposit is required to make a reservation.

Q11. Do you accept credit cards?
We accept credit card payment for the deposit only.  You need to pay the balance using a check
or cash at the time of delivery.

Q12. Do you provide the machine and the service throughout the whole California?
Yes we do but there may be extra delivery charge for distant locations. Please contact us for

Q13. Do you sell i-Nail machine?
Yes, Mint sells iNail machines. Contact us for more information.

Q14. Who else makes the i-Nail machine?
Mint is a sole provider of the i-Nail machine.  


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