Deposit for Confirmation

   Thank you! We will reply you shortly.

   If you already decided to rent i-Nail machine and want to confirm your reservation, we need to
   receive a deposit of $50 through "Google Checkout" below.

   You can pay the balance at the time we deliver the machine. You won't be charged if we cannot
   reserve the machine for the date you specified.

   Thank you!

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Manicuring Machine Rental
           for Girls Birthday Party
Contact Information

Southern California Locations
TEL : 714-337-9145
E-mail :

* 1906 Crescent oak, Irvine, CA
* Lakewood mall, LA, CA

Northern California Locations
TEL : 408-568-1592
E-mail :

* Eastridge Mall, San Jose, CA
* Great Mall, Milpatas, CA (Coming Soon)

                               Southern California Office: 1906 Crescent oak, Irvine, CA 92602                  (714) 337-9145
                               Northern California Office:  2771 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA 95051    (408) 568-1592  

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